BRL0399-CARThe exterior styling of vehicles has always been a popular pastime for the motoring enthusiast. Over the decades we have seen chrome mirrors, bonnet scoops, alloy wheels, spoilers, bodykits, sideskirts, splitters, DTM mirrors, chrome body trims and many more.

At Kapasi Car Spares we keep up with the current exterior styling trends and stock a wide range of accessories for all tastes. These include:

  • A Huge Variety Of Wheel Trims
  • Coach Lines
  • Caliper Paint
  • Stainless Steel Grill
  • Chrome Tail Pipes
  • Vechile Covers
  • HID Kits
  • Chrome Lettering

We are sure to have a styling statement that fits in with your lifestyle and that will get your vehicle noticed so contact us now for all your exterior styling requirements.