Steering & Suspension

sovThe performance of the steering and suspension of your vehicle plays a vital role in how it generally handles and ultimately, how comfortable a journey that it gives you. If you notice that the steering on your car is not responding particularly well or if your journey is a bit jerky and bumpy, then there is a good chance that you might have a suspension issue. Driving into pot holes or going too fast over speed bumps can easily cause damage to your suspension and also lead to problems with your wheel alignment. The suspension of your vehicle is made up of different smaller parts:

  • Suspension Arm or Wishbone or Track Control Arm
  • Track Rod Ends
  • Stabiliser Link or Anti Roll Bar Link
  • Ball Joint
  • Shock Absorbers
  • Coil Springs


All of the above parts suffer due to wear and tear, the most common is when the bushes in the Suspension Arm, Stabiliser Link and Ball Joint wear and suffer from excessive movement.

This can lead to a “knocking” noise and poor handling.

As with Track Rod Ends excessive play can lead to bad wheel alignment and will decrease the life of your tyres quicker than normal.

We stock all these parts so please enquire if you need assistance.

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Once operating at full tilt, the engine of a vehicle will get extremely hot. There are various parts that help cool and regulate the temperature of the engine and these include:


To keep the engine temperature at a safe level, water and antifreeze is passed through the radiator and distributed. This will regulate the heat and keep the engine operating safely. Always keep an eye on your radiator and make sure that it is not leaking because this can cause damage to the engine.


Located between the radiator and the engine, the thermostat works as a valve and lets cold and hot water to pass through, controlling the temperature. Over a period of time thermostats can start to malfunction due to the quality of the water.

Water Pump

The water pump extracts water from the radiator into the engine and helps to regulate the temperature. Over time, the bearing inside the water pump can fail and stop this extraction from functioning properly, ultimately causing over-heating and engine damage.

Cooling Fan

The cooling fan will activate when the engine reaches a certain temperature. The fan will blow cool air onto the radiator and help cool the water temperature down.

Switches and Sensors

To alert the driver of any issues with the engine or to let them know when the cooling fan has been activated, there are a variety of switches and sensors located around the engine. It is crucial that these are performing appropriately so that relevant warnings can be indicated to the driver.

If you require any of the above parts please do not hesitate to contact us.

In order for your vehicle to perform at its optimum level the engine is assisted by different belts, chains and valves. These include:

Cam Belt

The cam belt, or timing belt as it is sometimes referred to, is one of the most important parts of the engine. The cam belt turns the cam shaft at the appropriate speed in relation to the crank shaft, allowing the valves in the engine cylinders to open at the correct time. This is essential for the engine to function. Cam belts are a crucial engine component that needs to be changed in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Fan Belt

The fan belt, sometimes referred to as the drive belt or auxiliary belt, helps to power components such as the water pump, power steering pump and alternator. Over time a fan belt will deteriorate because of the build up of heat caused by constant friction. If you hear a squealing noise coming from your engine it could mean that your fan belt needs to be replaced.

Engine Gaskets & Seals

Gasket seals are normally made of rubber and are subject to high temperatures and heavy usage around the engine. Over time, the gasket seals will erode and once this happens they need to be replaced to stop leaks and damage occurring.

Tensioners, Idlers’ & Pulleys

These ensure that the cam belt and fan belt do not become slack and operate to their full capacity. Wear and tear will happen over time and these can become noisy and start to have a negative impact on the cam belt and fan belt. When this happens they need to be replaced.

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Your vehicle could not function without appropriate electrics, these include:


The alternator plays a vital part in the running of your car engine’s electrical system. It powers the car electrical system when the engine is running and it also charges the battery. If the alternator is not working to its full potential and can’t meet the demands being placed on it, the voltage can go above or below the set level and trigger a warning light in your vehicle.

Starter Motor

The starter motor is the key component to power your engine. When you turn on the ignition, a powerful electrical current passes through the battery to trigger the starter motor. If the starter motor doesn’t turn over it could mean that you have a problem with the car battery or the actual starter motor itself.


The battery provides power to the ignition system and starter motor as well as providing energy for the radio, lights, dashboard etc.

For enquiries about our range of car electrical parts then please get in touch.

Modern engines come with various self-regulating systems and incorporate a variety of management switches and sensors. Fortunately, problems with the self-regulating systems are fairly rare but if you do experience a problem, it is likely to be highlighted through a warning light on your dashboard.

We stock a wide variety of Engine Management Switches and Sensors including:

  • Air Flow Meter
  • Oil Pressure Switches
  • Crank Angle Sensor
  • EGR Valve
  • Wheel Speed Senor or ABS Sensor
  • Camshaft Sensor
  • Lambda Sensor

For more advice about Engine Management Switches and Sensors, please speak to one of our specialist team.

Brake Master Cylinder – The brake master cylinder creates the required hydraulic pressure to operate the brakes and to make the vehicle stop. If this starts to malfunction you will notice quite quickly the effect and we would advise you to take action as a matter of urgency.

Brake Calipers

The hydraulically operated brake caliper applies the pressure to the brake pads to bring your vehicle to a stop. Over time brake calipers can rust, start to corrode and actually seize up which is extremely dangerous. We would advise you to replace the brake calipers urgently or your vehicle will be deemed dangerous and fail its MOT.

Brake Hose

The brake hose hydraulically transfers brake fluid from the brake pipe to the calipers. Made of reinforced rubber they can cope with the very high pressures which the braking system creates but over time, the rubber can deteriorate and the brake hose will need replacing.

Brake Pipe

The brake pipe transmits the brake fluid from the master cylinder to the brake hoses. Brake pipes are normally made of copper or steel and over time they can start to rust and corrode, leading to MOT failure. At Kapasi Car Spares we can make copper brake pipes while you wait so please enquire if you need this service.

Wheel Cylinder

The wheel cylinder is located in the drum brake system of your vehicle, usually above the brake shoes. The role of the wheel cylinder is to apply force to the brake shoe and bring your vehicle to a halt. Over time the rubbers in the wheel cylinder can deteriorate, cause leaking and will ultimately need to be replaced.

If you require any hydraulic parts for your vehicle then please speak to one of our specialist team.

The clutch is an integral part of your vehicle’s functionality and is the system which controls how your vehicle is driven.

The clutch allows the power of the engine to be applied systematically as your vehicle pulls away, intercepts the power to the transmission when you want to make a gear change and keeps the engine from stalling when you stop the vehicle. Through general wear and tear, clutches can sometime fail and will need replacing.

At Kapasi Car Spares we can supply high quality clutch kits which include a new clutch, a pressure plate and a thrust bearing.

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