Engine Oils

Lucas-Shield_Wallpaper_1920x1200Engine oil is crucial to the long term life expectancy of your vehicle. It works to lubricate the engine , improve its performance, contribute to fuel efficiency and ultimately, to prolong its life.

Over time your vehicle’s engine oil will degrade, become increasingly dirty and less efficient, which could then lead to engine damage. It is essential that you ensure that your vehicle’s engine always has enough oil and that the oil is changed at service intervals.

The grade and type of oil you use in you vehicle will also have a bearing on its fuel economy and emissions so we always advise you to use the correct grade of oil as specified by the vehicle manufacturer.

At Kapasi Car Spares we can provide a full range of engine oils so please contact us for advice about the appropriate oil for your vehicle.


Transmission Oils

Transmission Oil is a special type of motor oil specifically designed to lubricate car transmission systems. It helps to maintain the performance for the gears and transmission systems so that your vehicle can perform at its optimum level.

Similar to engine oil, transmission oil can degrade over time so will need replacing. Frequent stop and start city driving, towing a trailer or caravan or any hauling of heavy loads will speed up the deterioration because of the strain it puts on the gears etc so it’s always worth keeping an eye on this and changing the transmission oil when necessary. Check your manufacturer’s guide for more information about when you should change your transmission oil.

Other Fluids and Lubricants

In addition to engine oils and transmission oils we also stock a wide range of other fluids and lubricants. These include:

  • Fuel System Cleaner
  • Stop Leak
  • Jack Oils
  • Brake Fluid
  • Brake Cleaner
  • Penetrating Fluid
  • 2 Stroke Oils

For more advice about oils and lubricants for your vehicle please do not hesitate to contact us.